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shanghai zhicheng Stainless steel Soya/Almond/Peanut Milk Making machine Tofu Machine
Peanut Milk Making machine Tofu Machine



Soybean Milk Making Machine/High efficiency soya milk maker/Hot selling soybean milk producing machine


 Introduction of soybean grinding machine
Stainless steel grain grinding machine can grind various kinds of grain and Chinese herbal medicine into 50-200 mesh with uniform powder. 
The milling machine by two full of alveolar dynamic grinding and static grinding on the grinding operation, thus grinding the material into powder.
Suitable for various grain, including sesame, walnut, rice, black rice, soybeans, mung beans, red beans, peanuts, lotus seeds, corn, sorghum, barley, buckwheat and so on.

Specification of soybean grinding machine


ZC-50# models has below details:



A multi-purpose machine: You can also produce soya milk, soybean curd, tofu and other soy products all kinds, but also with other supporting equipment and processes to produce more soy products. And automaticly control system to complete the processing of the whole process ; when the boiling syrup reaches the set temperature , with automatic prompts and alarm functions.

Fast and easy: the introduction of automatic discharge plasma, no high gravity or by pumping out, to save area and reduce the failure-point, the active brain bucket-style, simple and convenient, saves time and effort, from raw materials into the machine to a finished only 15 -20 minutes.

Clean and hygienic: compliance with national food hygiene standards in stainless steel production equipment, clean and smooth and easy to clean, in the processing of the whole process, the ground water operations, healthy and hygienic environment.

High production rate: Using the most advanced machines and boiled pulp refiner separating device, production rate is higher than other device market, over 20%.

The machine can grind soybean, peanut, Cashew nuts, sunflower seed, walnut, almond, chestnut , raisin cordial, fig, filbert hazel, pine nut, pistachion, water chestnut, taro. 

Maintain nutrition: the use of sealed electronic ultra-high temperature steam-heated boiling slurry process, the actual temperature of milk up to 100 °C Celsius above to the total elimination of harmful substances of soybean on the human body and can deodorization, deodorizer, maintaining the original color of soybean, effective to prevent the destruction of the protein, but also to avoid the emergence burnt smelly soy milk, soy milk to keep the original nutrients and taste, taste even more delicious.




1, Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer with more than 10 years' experience.
2, Can you ship the machine to my address?
Yes, we could use DHL to express the machine. While transport cost will be higher. Also, it is suitable for the small models.
3, Where are you? Can we go to China and visit your factory?
Yes, of course. We are in Shanghai, China. Welcome to our factory.
4, Do you have manual with the machine?
Yes, of course. It is in English version.
5, Can you offer us the necessary paper to do the customs clearance?
Yes, of course. We will send you the commercial invoice, sales contract, packing list, bill of lading(FOB or CFR, CIF terms), insurance policy (if CIF terms), also CO if you need.


Contact informations are as follows:
Emma WhatsApp number/Tel: 0086 13761783185
                                             QQ: 969602347
                            E-mail: minggu8899(at) (at is @)
Factory Add: No.2, Alley 688 MinShen Road, XinQiao Town SongJiang District Shanghai
(Note: if any further information needed, please feel free to leave your email or WhatsApp number in the box below and i will reply you soon. Thanks.)


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